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Title: Free Fall
Author: [personal profile] krysyuy
Characters: Clark/Lois, Justice League
Length: WIP (20,000 words and counting)
Summary: Clark isn’t willing to risk his heart again. But when Fate gives him a glimpse into his future, the only question is – how hard will he fall?

Time travel fic where Clark goes into the future and discovers his relationship with Lois and his future as Superman? Sign me up. This is a fun, rollicking ride that doesn't skimp on humor or dodge the quieter, heavier moments. It is a WIP, but as far as I can tell it's updated regularly, and the author clearly both knows and loves her characters.

You may want to append ?format=light to the end of each chapter's url; the default layout is white (and tiny) text on a dark background.

Link: http://krysyuy.livejournal.com/78840.html?format=light