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Title: pandora's mask
Author: [personal profile] montycrowley
Characters: Sheldon/Penny
Length: 3,904 words
Summary: penny is a spy and it all goes to hell.

I don't want to be totally repetitive and just rec everything [personal profile] montycrowley writes, but everything she writes is just so rec-able! (New word - get on it, dictionaries!) This is one of my favorite stories to come out of [community profile] sheldon_penny's first holiday swap, and I almost prefer it to the show (strike that, I do prefer it). The way pieces from the canon are fitted together with [personal profile] montycrowley's Penny-as-a-spy premise is nothing short of brilliant, and in the interim: scorching hot tie!porn.

Link: http://community.livejournal.com/sheldon_penny/804718.html