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Title: oh lady, be good
Author: dress without sleeves
Characters: Dean, Sam, John (gen)
Length: 10k
Summary: Deanna Winchester, from ages four to twenty-six. A look at the relationships on Supernatural if John Winchester's first born had been a girl.

Supernatural is was not my show. I'd seen enough episodes (and read enough at [community profile] fandomsecrets) to know the characters, and I had the impression that solid female presences on the show are lacking. I was intrigued enough by the premise of the story to click anyway, mostly because I'm a huge fan of the genderflip thing (you know, always-a-girl!fic).

The writing here does not disappoint. Although I'm not terribly familiar with the characters, I had such a rounded grasp on their personalities from less than ten thousand words. The way Deanna's life is different from Dean's and the many ways her life are the same are not the whole point of the fic, either. Crisp and thoughtful with a satisfying pay-off.

Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4746213/1/oh_lady_be_good
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Title: Your Fixed Point
Author: [personal profile] quigonejinn
Characters: girl!Tony/Rhodey, girl!Tony/Obadiah, girl!Tony/various women, implications of girl!Tony/Pepper
Length: 15k+
Summary: N/A

I came across "Your Fixed Point" via a rec on [community profile] crack_van, and let me say first that it is completely not what I expected. That said, it is also completely brilliant, in that sort of hard and cutting way that is uncomfortable to read but still so good. The differences between Tony-he and Tony-she are brilliant and believable, and the way the story is written in a non-linear fashion is brilliant and provoking, and asldkfj; this story is just brilliant.

Link: http://quigonejinn.livejournal.com/164361.html
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Title: My Body is a Cage
Author: [personal profile] conceptofzero
Character: Rorschach
Length: 10k+
Summary: "Jesus. Rorschach's a girl." The story of Wanda Kovacs.

This one completely blindsided me. I've never poked my head into the Watchmen fandom before, because it just isn't one of those fandoms where I need fic, but someone on Fandom!Secrets mentioned a girl!Rorschach story. Despite my affinity for genderswap stories, I did not think girl!Rorscach would work, much less this well. [personal profile] conceptofzero really nails the ways that being a woman might make life different for Rorschach, but at the same time, this is Rorscach every bit as much as the canon version. Almost impossibly good.

Link: http://conceptofzero.livejournal.com/6368.html