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Title: Welcome To My Planet
Author: [profile] imkalena
Characters: Chuck/Sarah/Casey
Length: 18k
Summary: After Chuck Vs. The Suburbs, Chuck is forced to live under full-time watch. His relationship with Sarah was already strained – now it's minced and shredded.

I...am not entirely certain how I stumbled into reading Chuck/Sarah/Casey fic, except that I love Chuck/Sarah and didn't want Casey to be left out. (It might come down to the fact that I'll read anything about Casey, to be perfectly honest.) At any rate, this is a lovely, melancholic, and hot OT3 fic. The tone is different from the series, but not in a way that's at all jarring; I think it's a reasonable extrapolation, and the characterization is very, very good. Also: HOT. (Read: explicit.)

Link: http://imkalena.livejournal.com/122415.html