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Title: Sweetest Thing
Author: [personal profile] kitsune_tsuki
Characters: Tatsumi/Watari
Length: 2015 words
Summary: "Yes, well...I could make fun of the striptease you did, if you'd like." Watari offered, smiling a little as he stared at his hands resting on the table. "Or the very romantic serenade afterwards."

Yami no Matsuei is a fandom I found by way of X/1999, and it's one of only a handful of manga fandoms I still follow on a regular basis. Tatsumi is far and away my favorite character, and although Tatsumi/Tsuzuki is my pairing of choice, I find that I enjoy Tatsumi/Watari more and more as time passes. This quietly delightful story shows exactly why; it's just a short domestic moment between Watari and Tatsumi, but eee(!) the moment is just so perfect, with how Watari teases Tatsumi and at the same time they have this very adult, very understanding friendship on the verge of something more.

Link: http://kitsune-tsuki.livejournal.com/109887.html