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Title: My Body is a Cage
Author: [personal profile] conceptofzero
Character: Rorschach
Length: 10k+
Summary: "Jesus. Rorschach's a girl." The story of Wanda Kovacs.

This one completely blindsided me. I've never poked my head into the Watchmen fandom before, because it just isn't one of those fandoms where I need fic, but someone on Fandom!Secrets mentioned a girl!Rorschach story. Despite my affinity for genderswap stories, I did not think girl!Rorscach would work, much less this well. [personal profile] conceptofzero really nails the ways that being a woman might make life different for Rorschach, but at the same time, this is Rorscach every bit as much as the canon version. Almost impossibly good.

Link: http://conceptofzero.livejournal.com/6368.html