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Title: Northern Lights
Author: [personal profile] stoney321
Characters: Edward Cullen/Sarah Palin
Length: 2569 words
Summary: A series of letters from Edward to the woman who holds his esteem and ardor.

If you've ever wanted to read Edward Cullen's love letters to Sarah Palin, have I got a story for you.

Link: http://stoney321.livejournal.com/322162.html
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Title: The peaceable kingdom
Author: [personal profile] orange_crushed
Characters: "Is it Edward/Bella ? Only in the sense of Sandwich/Teeth."
Length: 2,722 words
Summary: None given, but the notes note that "[i]t's not nice at all. It's mostly my reaction to the fact that I don't personally care for Bella as the lamb. I like reversal."

I have something of a confused relationship with Twilight, in that my primary feeling is the sort of horrified fascination most people feel when they drive past a car wreck, which is closely followed by hysterical amusement. The main thing that gets me, really, is that the books are so bad on so many levels, yet they'd be such fertile ground for any author other than SMeyer.

[personal profile] orange_crushed nails the sort of fic I want to read after Twilight. She's one of my absolutely favorite Who authors, and reading this it's easy to see exactly why she's so lauded; she manages to turn Twilight on its head and make Bella interesting in less words than the book uses to describe Edward's face.

Link: http://orange-crushed.livejournal.com/132983.html
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Title: Untitled
Author: [personal profile] stoney321
Characters: Pam, Edward
Length: ~4200 words
Summary: N/A

I can't think of two fandoms further apart on the spectrum of hard crack than Twilight and True Blood, and this story mines the differences between them HILARIOUSLY. Edward sends Fangtasia a missionary-style letter, and Pam writes back in true Pam-fashion. I wouldn't recommend reading this if you can't take religious spoofs, but in the same vein you'll probably enjoy it more if you have some experience with evangelical practices. But seriously:

Greetings and Felicitations, Fellow Vampires,

I am Edward Cullen, my family and I hail from Forks, Washington, currently. As we tend to stay together [outings, family meals, board games, clothes shopping, craft times] we didn't realize that the outside world had organized in such a manner as to have Kingdoms! Interesting. Do you not pay any form of allegiance to the Volturri? I'll have to consult with our patriarch on these new and exciting developments in our world. We believe that we should honor the laws of the country to which we claim citizenship, even though we also believe in a higher law, of which I am about to explain.


Link: http://stoney321.livejournal.com/377337.html