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Title: Dig Your Own Hole
Author: vinylroad
Characters: Katherine/Damon
Length: 4400 words
Summary: In so many ways, Damon is nothing like his brother. There's a hole deep inside of him that Katherine can feel in her blood, an emptiness she feels echoed in herself, something waiting to be filled. Wanting to be filled. His smiles are sharp, hiding nothing from her, all his emotions at play on his face, his happiness and sorrow so present it's as if she can touch it when he lets her fingers fall to his face. He kisses her hand as politely as his brother, but there's something dark there too, a craving that feels familiar and safe.

Really excellent Katherine perspective on her life and her relationship with Damon. Neither of these characters are cut out for happy endings, but this piece reads as reflective rather than dark. Katherine's thoughts on the differences and similarities between the Salvatore brothers are particularly apt; this is Katherine's story, though, rather than having a focus on shipping.

Link: http://archiveofourown.org/collections/yuletide2010/works/141299