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Title: took a faithful leap
Author: tosca1390
Pairing: Usagi/Mamoru
Length: 12k
Summary: In his relatively empty life, there are few moments and people that have stayed with him. She is one of them.

There are not a lot of current Sailor Moon writers who make me flail (there aren't really a lot of current Sailor Moon writers at all), but [personal profile] tosca1390 is a goldmine. I stayed up late last night reading all of her SM fic and it was not a wasted evening. This particular story is my first pick to rec for the absolutely fantastic characterization and for being an AU which is believable, delightful, and surprising.

The author takes the idea of Usagi as a politician and runs with it, with the senshi as Usagi's advisors and Mamoru as her doctor-turned-love interest and actually the story is written from Mamoru's point of view and it shines, it really gives him a round characterization that most stories lack, and the ordinary moments in their relationship kill me because we don't get to see nearly enough of those moments in the manga. *deep breath* In conclusion, this story is the best and [personal profile] tosca1390 is the best and I am thrilled to have found such a wonderful Usagi/Mamoru writer.

(P.S. There's a sequel!)

Link: http://tosca1390.livejournal.com/277146.html