Jan. 1st, 2012

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Title: War, Family, and the Lost Art of Conversation
Author: [personal profile] nightwalker
Characters: Jake/Marco, Rachel/Tobias
Length: 2,532 words
Summary: Family Dinner Night at Rachel's. Marco stresses, Jake stresses, Rachel runs roughshod over the masses and Tobias tries to assassinate a bottle of Coke.

I have really weirdly specific requirements for an Animorphs story to make my "highly reccable" list, and I completely blame it on this story. For years and years I didn't go looking for Animorphs fic, partly because I was so hung up on the series - seriously, I started reading Animorphs when #2 came out because the cat on the cover caught my eye, and for eight years straight there was nothing in life I revered more than Animorphs, and let me tell you something: nine-year-old-me was a canon Nazi.

Anyway. This story. The thing is, I tend to get really impatient with Cassie; I don't dislike her, she's just not a relatable to me as Jake or Marco or even Tobias. Somehow along the way I slipped into shipping Jake/Marco, which dovetails nicely with Rachel/Tobias (CAN YOU SAY OTP), and augh this story is perfect post-war Rachel-survives fic with Marco and Tobias bonding. I didn't even know I needed Marco + Tobias bonding until I read this story, but I really, really do, and just. Guh.

(That rambled even more than usual. Take it as a sign of how much I adore this story, please?)

Link: http://community.livejournal.com/animorphsfanfic/22540.html
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Title: How I Survived the Zombie Apocalypse
Author: [personal profile] stripedpetunia
Characters: Ensemble (Ted, Robin, Barney, Lily/Marshall)
Length: 2,755 words
Summary: Zombies are attacking NYC. Luckily, Robin knows what to do.

Crack and zombies, what more do you want? This is wonderfully in-character and taken in just the perfect direction for the fandom, that is, lots of bonding and Barney using the apocalypse as an excuse to nail random women and Robin taking everyone up on the roof to teach them to shoot. The future!Ted narration really worked for me, too; in some fic the device feels gimmicky or forced, but here it's used for fantastic effect.

Link: http://community.livejournal.com/dansenocturne/8359.html
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Title: pandora's mask
Author: [personal profile] montycrowley
Characters: Sheldon/Penny
Length: 3,904 words
Summary: penny is a spy and it all goes to hell.

I don't want to be totally repetitive and just rec everything [personal profile] montycrowley writes, but everything she writes is just so rec-able! (New word - get on it, dictionaries!) This is one of my favorite stories to come out of [community profile] sheldon_penny's first holiday swap, and I almost prefer it to the show (strike that, I do prefer it). The way pieces from the canon are fitted together with [personal profile] montycrowley's Penny-as-a-spy premise is nothing short of brilliant, and in the interim: scorching hot tie!porn.

Link: http://community.livejournal.com/sheldon_penny/804718.html
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Title: What More
Author: daymarket
Characters: Marco, Rachel (gen)
Length: 1,247 words
Summary: Marco has a question. Rachel has an answer.

I'm not going to lie, I got completely distracted by the Animorphs section on AO3 and it was such a pleasant surprise to stumble across this gem. It isn't terribly long, but the banter between Rachel and Marco is laugh-out-loud funny, and I got warm fuzzies from thinking about Marco and his parents. I've always had a yen for fic about the time period when the Animorphs and their families were living in the Hork-Bajir Valley; this hits that spot without being too over-the-top in any direction but awesome.

Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/32349
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Title: Five Times Dean Failed, and One Time He Didn't Do Too Badly
Author: [personal profile] scaramouche
Characters: Dean/Cas, ensemble
Length: 5000+ words
Summary: University AU. Dean isn't as cool as he thinks he is.

I'm always on the prowl for a good Dean/Cas AU, but the fandom tends to produce very few of them, and fewer still do more than a decent job of porting Castiel's character to a less fantastic world. Never fear! for [personal profile] scaramouche handles the AU with the same panache as she does canon. Fair warning, you may find yourself stifling giggles through your fist.

Link: http://scaramouche.dreamwidth.org/216598.html
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Title: Purgatory's Shadow
Author: NovaMist
Characters: Elfangor/Loren, Esplin 9466, Alloran
Length: 1,938 words
Summary: Elfangor and Esplin, two rivals locked in a cycle of hatred and death. But is there more to it?

Oh my God. I didn't even know that I needed this story until I read it. This is far and away my top Yuletide '09 pick so far. The Andalite Chronicles has always been my favorite of the Animorphs books - I still cannot read it without crying at the end - and this is such a brilliant expansion. Just - there is so much emotion and so many clever ideas packed so tightly that it reads like a much longer fic.

The way the Andalites and Elfangor in particular are written slammed me out of nowhere, but everything fits - of course Elfangor's body language would be different after living on Earth for so long, and of course the Andalites would use the morphing technology for medical purposes, and of course there would be the rare female prince (or homosexual Andalite couples). Good God, though, it's the relationships in this that really stun me with their nuance - Alloran and Esplin, Elfangor and his mother. Without a doubt, this is a story I'll be rereading many, many times.

Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/34895
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Title: Love Affairs Are Horrible
Author: Dandelion
Characters: Pete Wisdom, Remy LeBeau, implied Remy/Rogue and Pete/Kitty
Length: 2588 words
Summary: Pete Wisdom and Remy LeBeau meet by chance at a bar in Casablanca and commiserate on their failed relationships.

I am recommending this solely on the basis that it has Remy and Pete Wisdom INTERACTING. What more does a story need?

Link: http://tellingstories.net/rogue/fanfic/uxm350/horrible.shtml
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Title: Welcome To My Planet
Author: [profile] imkalena
Characters: Chuck/Sarah/Casey
Length: 18k
Summary: After Chuck Vs. The Suburbs, Chuck is forced to live under full-time watch. His relationship with Sarah was already strained – now it's minced and shredded.

I...am not entirely certain how I stumbled into reading Chuck/Sarah/Casey fic, except that I love Chuck/Sarah and didn't want Casey to be left out. (It might come down to the fact that I'll read anything about Casey, to be perfectly honest.) At any rate, this is a lovely, melancholic, and hot OT3 fic. The tone is different from the series, but not in a way that's at all jarring; I think it's a reasonable extrapolation, and the characterization is very, very good. Also: HOT. (Read: explicit.)

Link: http://imkalena.livejournal.com/122415.html
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Title: To Turn To The Dark Side, Press Three
Author: frodogenic
Characters: Anakin/Padme, Obi-Wan, Palpatine
Length: 14,086 words
Summary: Anakin Skywalker discovers that the worst part about losing his arm is trying to convince the Republic Health Insurance Agency to pay for it. Because if anything will turn you to the Dark Side, it's HMOs...

Crack of the very highest caliber. Not much to say except that I sporfled all the way through. I think my favorite part was the way the Sith Wars opera was woven throughout. Strange as it is to say, I think I actually prefer the final scene in this to the way it's portrayed in the movie.

Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4578087/1/To_Turn_To_The_Dark_Side_Press_Three
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Title: Maybe Everything Returns
Author: riko
Characters: Billy/Teddy, Kate
Length: 7,352 words
Summary: There are 3058 miles between them, and Teddy can feel every one.

THIS IS BILLY AND TEDDY BEING ADORABLE, OKAY, AND I DON'T HAVE A BETTER REC THAN THAT. They are being adorable at college, though (which Teddy describes as a "mandatory team project"), and with a single line this story made me love Cassie about six thousand times more than I did previously, what with being so caught up in fangirling Kate (and my reaction to Kate in this story: EEEEEEEEE). To summarize, Teddy and Billy are adorable and I now want to go re-read every YA appearance ever.

Link: http://archiveofourown.org/collections/yuletide2009/works/38024
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Title: Trade All My Tomorrows
Author: miriad
Characters: Indy/Marion, Abner Ravenwood
Length: 5,645 words
Summary: She realized that she was still wearing his hat. Gently lifting it from her head, she set the thing in her lap and frowned. A fedora, battered and dusty. She felt the brim with two fingers and wondered what stories a hat like that had to tell.

One of the things I like best about Yuletide is that is occasionally hand-delivers an excellent story in a fandom in which most previous contributions have been mediocre. I've tried to read Indiana Jones and Indy/Marion fic before, but nothing hit a note that resonated with the canon, at least not until "Trade All My Tomorrows." This fic is lovely and heartbreaking, the story of the first encounter between Indy and Marion. The little flashes of what Indy will become are perfect (Favorite line? He looked down his nose at her, face twisted into that professorial glare that he got every once in a while. She could tell, from that face alone, that he was going to be a great lecturer.), but it's Marion and her relationship with Abner that raise the whole thing to exquisite.

Link: http://archiveofourown.org/collections/yuletide2009/works/34943
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Title: Much Ado About Mating
Author: [profile] miss_prufrock
Characters: Ten/Rose, Donna
Length: 1,412 words
Summary: Donna vents about her travelling companion in a coffee shop to a familiar stranger. Reunion fic of the cracky persuasion.

This is possibly my very favorite reunionfic, which says an awful lot since about half of the fic I read is Doctor Who and a solid three-fifths of that is reunionfic. The crack is just so deliciously fulfilling, and [profile] miss_prufrock writes one of the best Donna voices in the game. I also have to say that the image of the Doctor bouncing off of a window in his haste to get to Rose is priceless, in the sort of way that means I'm laughing now just remembering it.

Link: http://community.livejournal.com/time_and_chips/4976666.html
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Title: Orbiter Dictum
Author: [personal profile] schmevil
Characters: Tony/Steve (Marvel 616)
Length: 7420 words
Summary: Steve is at the sink, washing the few dishes that pizza for two generates, when he realizes that Tony is in love with him.

Oh, this is just such a lovely, quiet piece. The nonlinear format really works for me - the story starts with Steve's realization and then rewinds to show the progression to that point - and I love the way Tony ditches his business meeting and flies halfway around the world to have pizza with Steve. While I enjoy the more typical "cast of dozens" Avengers story, something that focuses solely on Cap and Tony is all the more a treat, sort of like a slice of apple pie after a three-course meal. Mmm, pie.

Link: http://martianhouse.livejournal.com/17803.html
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Title: When the Lights Go On Again
Author: [personal profile] elspethdixon and [personal profile] seanchai
Characters: Steve/Tony, Hank/Jan, Carol/Wanda, Clint, ensemble (Classic Avengers)
Length: Epic!
Summary: Aliens have invaded earth, and the Avengers are scattered. While Steve leads the resistance, Tony once again finds himself playing captive scientist. In the midst of a violent alien regime, separated by seemingly insurmountable boundaries, Steve and Tony have nothing to keep themselves going but each other.

The last chapter of this behemoth was just posted, so I sat down to finally read it and finished the entire story in one afternoon. What can I say about Elspeth and Seanchai's Steve and Tony? They are the goddesses of this pairing, and they never fail to deliver. What really made this fic stand out from the rest of their works is how well it functions as an ensemble story. My only complaint is that I would've liked more Peter, because he is so perfect as written by these two.

Link: http://community.livejournal.com/cap_ironman/177544.html
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Title: There Was a Child Went Forth
Author: [personal profile] dashakay
Characters: Sheldon/Penny
Length: 6,834 words
Summary: One plus one equals three. Solve that equation, Sheldon.

First, a brief note: This story is actually the fifth part in the Driving Lessons series, which is fabulous and completely worthy of a rec on its own behalf. I don't believe you need to have read the previous parts in order to enjoy "There Was a Child," though.

So the thing is that well-written babyfic is one of my greatest and guiltiest pleasures. The problem is that well-written babyfic is damn hard to find, but search no longer! [personal profile] dashakay has written a realistic, almost gritty story that dazzles, and not in the lame Edward Cullen way. The guys order take out and eat it in the hospital room while Penny is in labor, which is the best illustration I can give of the excellent characterization. I downright love the way the author writes Penny, too, and just. *happy noises* Try this one even if you usually steer clear of baby stories.

Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/48981