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bbt • normal as blueberry pie

Title: Normal as Blueberry Pie
Author: [personal profile] dashakay
Characters: Penny/Sheldon
Length: 3,200 words
Summary: Penny and Sheldon visit her parents in Nebraska. Sheldon wears jeans and maybe a cowboy hat. Penny explains her deep, abiding love for Justin Timberlake. Jell-O salad is consumed in bulk.

This story appeared out of the night and swept me off my feet. Although it isn't terribly long, it reads like a much more involved story - there's a definite "tip of the iceberg" feel, if that makes sense. A good established relationship story draws me in like nothing else, and "Normal as Blueberry Pie" is nothing if not established relationship fic as it should always be written.

I love the portrait [personal profile] dashakay paints of Penny's childhood home; she uses broad strokes with just enough detail to make Penny's family feel real and rounded - brief glimpses that hint at years of history. There are two qualities about the story, too, that show a truly gifted writer is at work behind the scenes. The first is the "Aha!" moment - the moment where the reader steps back and thinks, Never in a thousand years would I have thought to write that, but it makes perfect sense. This fic is crafted entirely of such moments - a teenaged Penny, for instance, naming her horse Justin Timberlake.

The second quality is putting a character in a scenario that is completely removed from his or her usual setting and then making it believable. [personal profile] dashakay get Sheldon into jeans and on a horse, and then promptly acknowledges exactly how out of place and ridiculous horse-borne Sheldon would be:
"Penny, take the picture and let me down from here immediately."

She takes the picture with her iPhone and helps him down off Cloud. He looks incredibly happy to be on solid ground.

Sheldon takes the cowboy hat off and hands it to her. "So help me, Penny, if you show that picture to anyone, you're dead."

She's already sent it to Leonard, Raj and Howard. Four bars of coverage, even out here in Bumfuck Egypt. Technology is beautiful.
Gorgeously characterized, and, all in all, one of my new favorite stories.

(ETA: [profile] juniperlane recorded a podfic version, available here, which I highly recommend.)

Link: http://community.livejournal.com/secretprobation/33423.html