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bbt • keep your clothes on

Title: Keep Your Clothes On
Author: [profile] juniperlane
Characters: Sheldon/Penny, Penny/career
Length: 2,961 words
Summary: N/A

In honor of the opening of [profile] penny_career, it only seems appropriate that I rec a Penny/career fic. This one is the perfect story to kick back and read after a long day; there is Penny hobnobbing with the stars, and before that there is Penny dressing Sheldon in fashionable clothes, and after that there is Penny licking Sheldon's forearms. Basically there is everything you could want in a story - humor and feeling and sex and Our Woman sharing a splash of success with her insufferable and supportive boyfriend.

Link: http://community.livejournal.com/betternovembers/310.html