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Title: Stalking Zuko
Author: emletish
Characters: Zuko/Katara (with Suki/Sokka, Toph, Aang, Hakoda, and Iroh)
Length: 880k
Summary: Katara keeps a journal of all the shenanigans that the Gaang run into.

I'm going to recommend this series with the caveat that the writing itself is pretty unusual in style - this is set up as Katara's journal, there are occasional errors in spelling, and some of the phrasing is highly, uh...Australian. That said, this is absolutely one of my favorite Avatar stories, because while the voices aren't always dead-on, the characterization and worldbuilding absolutely are.

The first part starts shortly after Zuko joins up with the others in S3, and the next eight-hundred thousand words are an in-depth expansion of everything that happens from that point up through the post-war treaty negotiations at Ba Sing Se. It's also canon-compliant (not including LoK or the comics) and Zuko/Katara, and the author does an amazing job of building up the characters to support the premise of the main pairing. On top of that, this is one of the few stories I've read that manages to balance the humor of the show with the serious subject matter without either one feeling out of place; the main characters are still obviously teenagers, but they're teenagers put into world-changing situations. The Zuko/Katara side is just as excellent, with a lot of time put into developing them individually and as friends before the romantic plot launches.

Seriously one of my favorites! As a side note, the author's notes at the end of each chapter are worth reading - they're exhaustively thorough and just as interesting as the story itself.

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