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Title: Earthfall
Author: Anonymous
Characters: Shepard/Garrus, Chakwas
Summary: "Now you wait just a goddam minute, you're French?"

I am so behind on updating, particularly since I've been binging on Mass Effect and BBC Sherlock fic like I haven't in months. Because I'm too busy reading Sherlock fic to actually write up a recommendation, here's a short, quiet story from the kink meme about the Normandy making a brief stop on Earth. Despite the prompt, it's not particularly humorous and has little to do with Shepard being French; what it does have is a well-defined Shepard voice, a shift as Garrus and Shepard continue to find their way from friendship to something more, and The Adventures of Chakwas and Garrus (which I would read forever and ever, amen and lol).

Link: http://masseffectkink.livejournal.com/585.html?thread=154953#t154953
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Title: Normal as Blueberry Pie
Author: [personal profile] dashakay
Characters: Penny/Sheldon
Length: 3,200 words
Summary: Penny and Sheldon visit her parents in Nebraska. Sheldon wears jeans and maybe a cowboy hat. Penny explains her deep, abiding love for Justin Timberlake. Jell-O salad is consumed in bulk.

This story appeared out of the night and swept me off my feet. Although it isn't terribly long, it reads like a much more involved story - there's a definite "tip of the iceberg" feel, if that makes sense. A good established relationship story draws me in like nothing else, and "Normal as Blueberry Pie" is nothing if not established relationship fic as it should always be written.

I love the portrait [personal profile] dashakay paints of Penny's childhood home; she uses broad strokes with just enough detail to make Penny's family feel real and rounded - brief glimpses that hint at years of history. There are two qualities about the story, too, that show a truly gifted writer is at work behind the scenes. The first is the "Aha!" moment - the moment where the reader steps back and thinks, Never in a thousand years would I have thought to write that, but it makes perfect sense. This fic is crafted entirely of such moments - a teenaged Penny, for instance, naming her horse Justin Timberlake.

The second quality is putting a character in a scenario that is completely removed from his or her usual setting and then making it believable. [personal profile] dashakay get Sheldon into jeans and on a horse, and then promptly acknowledges exactly how out of place and ridiculous horse-borne Sheldon would be:
"Penny, take the picture and let me down from here immediately."

She takes the picture with her iPhone and helps him down off Cloud. He looks incredibly happy to be on solid ground.

Sheldon takes the cowboy hat off and hands it to her. "So help me, Penny, if you show that picture to anyone, you're dead."

She's already sent it to Leonard, Raj and Howard. Four bars of coverage, even out here in Bumfuck Egypt. Technology is beautiful.
Gorgeously characterized, and, all in all, one of my new favorite stories.

(ETA: [profile] juniperlane recorded a podfic version, available here, which I highly recommend.)

Link: http://community.livejournal.com/secretprobation/33423.html
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Title: Keep Your Clothes On
Author: [profile] juniperlane
Characters: Sheldon/Penny, Penny/career
Length: 2,961 words
Summary: N/A

In honor of the opening of [profile] penny_career, it only seems appropriate that I rec a Penny/career fic. This one is the perfect story to kick back and read after a long day; there is Penny hobnobbing with the stars, and before that there is Penny dressing Sheldon in fashionable clothes, and after that there is Penny licking Sheldon's forearms. Basically there is everything you could want in a story - humor and feeling and sex and Our Woman sharing a splash of success with her insufferable and supportive boyfriend.

Link: http://community.livejournal.com/betternovembers/310.html
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Title: There Was a Child Went Forth
Author: [personal profile] dashakay
Characters: Sheldon/Penny
Length: 6,834 words
Summary: One plus one equals three. Solve that equation, Sheldon.

First, a brief note: This story is actually the fifth part in the Driving Lessons series, which is fabulous and completely worthy of a rec on its own behalf. I don't believe you need to have read the previous parts in order to enjoy "There Was a Child," though.

So the thing is that well-written babyfic is one of my greatest and guiltiest pleasures. The problem is that well-written babyfic is damn hard to find, but search no longer! [personal profile] dashakay has written a realistic, almost gritty story that dazzles, and not in the lame Edward Cullen way. The guys order take out and eat it in the hospital room while Penny is in labor, which is the best illustration I can give of the excellent characterization. I downright love the way the author writes Penny, too, and just. *happy noises* Try this one even if you usually steer clear of baby stories.

Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/48981
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Title: Maybe Everything Returns
Author: riko
Characters: Billy/Teddy, Kate
Length: 7,352 words
Summary: There are 3058 miles between them, and Teddy can feel every one.

THIS IS BILLY AND TEDDY BEING ADORABLE, OKAY, AND I DON'T HAVE A BETTER REC THAN THAT. They are being adorable at college, though (which Teddy describes as a "mandatory team project"), and with a single line this story made me love Cassie about six thousand times more than I did previously, what with being so caught up in fangirling Kate (and my reaction to Kate in this story: EEEEEEEEE). To summarize, Teddy and Billy are adorable and I now want to go re-read every YA appearance ever.

Link: http://archiveofourown.org/collections/yuletide2009/works/38024
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Title: Kafka, Schmafka
Author: [personal profile] ishie
Characters: Sheldon/Penny, Leonard, Raj, Howard, Missy
Length: 20k
Summary: N/A

The first and most important thing to know about this story is that it has Sheldon and a little girl playing FASHION SHOW. (There are even ponies. It is FABULOUS: "...Without rules, what's to stop me from declaring that my doll is the new wardrobe coordinator and forcing all of yours to wear substandard outfits? Or, better yet, to discard your premise altogether and move the narrative in a direction better suited to my knowledge and skills sets?")

The other thing you should know is that Howard turns into a fairy, so it's kindasorta crackfic, but very, very well written despite that. Love the established relationship between Sheldon and Penny, but it's also wonderful the way the group actually feels like a close-knit group of friends, when too often on the show they simply don't. Six thumbs straight up for tight writing in an urban fantasy.

(If you're new to the fandom, I'd recommend the rest of [personal profile] ishie's fic as a superb introduction to the fandom; you can find her stories under her author tag at [community profile] sheldon_penny or at [community profile] ishieland.)

Link: http://community.livejournal.com/ishieland/16785.html
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Title: Two
Author: [personal profile] fujiidom
Characters: Sheldon/Penny
Length: 2k
Summary: N/A

[personal profile] fujiidom is consistently one of my very favorite authors in the BBT fandom, and even in a short standalone piece like this it's easy to see why. She has a habit of making the characters act in ways that, coming from a lesser writer, seem completely unrealistic, and yet this is perhaps the only story where Sheldon Cooper cries and it's still so perfectly him and so perfectly in line with the tone of the story. I should also point out that I'm a sap for well-written baby!fic, and even thought there aren't technically babies in this it still sates that need nicely.

Link: http://community.livejournal.com/sheldon_penny/545929.html