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Title: Heart over Mind
Author: Regann
Characters: Hermione/Snape
Length: 186k
Summary: Something odd about Hermione causes her to have unexpected reaction to a love potion. Only it's one which no one expected. How could a lack of reaction cause so much trouble? AU to Books 5 and 6.

So this is a story you will enjoy only if you are a very specific type of person, and that type is limited to readers who like Snape/Hermione and don't mind stories that bear little relation to canon. That said, this was an absolutely lovely indulgence that I devoured over the course of a weekend. In the best tradition of the genre, it emphasizes intellectual compatibility and includes a lengthy correspondence between Hermione and her former teacher, thoughtful exploration of magical traditions from other cultures, plenty of emphasis on Hermione's goals and character, and a fanon Snape that fortunately stays on the tolerable side of the absurd. It's an old-school het epic in its natural habitat, and you can't beat that for a good time.

Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/1215092/1/Heart-over-Mind