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Title: Of Time Gone By
Author: Bekah
Characters: Elizabeth/Darcy, ensemble
Length: 200k+
Summary: A tragic childhood illness changed the life of Fitzwilliam Darcy. When he meets a young gentlewoman named Elizabeth Bennet, his world is transformed again.

This is the most utterly absorbing Austen story I've come across. I spent rather more time today reading it than I should have, considering that I was supposed to be studying for exams; even more, my taste in P&P/S&S fics run to the sort of lengthy post-novel stories that build on the marriage between the two romantic leads. Bekah's fic, though, is an alternate universe retelling of the novel's events with one major change: Darcy is deaf.

That one tweak ripples out to affect all the major characters. In particular I found Georgiana Darcy's characterization fascinating; the ways in which she differs from the original make perfect sense, given the circumstances, and I found her relationship with her brother one of the most delightful parts of the story. Elizabeth and Darcy come together with less drama, but the external obstacles they face are all the greater for Darcy's handicap, and it's nice to read about the two of them working together instead of at odds.

The writing itself is solid and the dialogue sparkles; I think the prose may be even more accessible to modern readers than Austen, if not quite at her level.

Link: http://www.austen.com/derby/bekah.htm