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Title: Earthfall
Author: Anonymous
Characters: Shepard/Garrus, Chakwas
Summary: "Now you wait just a goddam minute, you're French?"

I am so behind on updating, particularly since I've been binging on Mass Effect and BBC Sherlock fic like I haven't in months. Because I'm too busy reading Sherlock fic to actually write up a recommendation, here's a short, quiet story from the kink meme about the Normandy making a brief stop on Earth. Despite the prompt, it's not particularly humorous and has little to do with Shepard being French; what it does have is a well-defined Shepard voice, a shift as Garrus and Shepard continue to find their way from friendship to something more, and The Adventures of Chakwas and Garrus (which I would read forever and ever, amen and lol).

Link: http://masseffectkink.livejournal.com/585.html?thread=154953#t154953
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Title: Once and Future Heroes
Author: Selkit
Characters: Normandy crew ensemble
Length: 6.5k
Summary: Even those who will one day achieve greatness have hopes, dreams, disappointments, and moments of normalcy along the way--at least, as normal as is possible for this bunch. A collection of glimpses at the lives of Shepard and her squadmates before they became galactic heroes.

Equally gorgeous as my other gift from the talented Selkit! This one is a series of vignettes that follow the main cast prior to the events of the first game. The scenes really run the gamut on emotion (although, probably fittingly, Shepard's bit is the one that has really seized hold of me and nestled into my personal canon; Selkit writes a wonderful f!Shepard). Overall, it's just such a lovely, thoughtful story that I want to read it over and over. Definitely will be in my head the next time I play Mass Effect.

Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/142142
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Title: Waking Up (From the Dead) Is Hard to Do
Author: Selkit
Characters: Shepard/Garrus, Kasumi, Tali, Miranda
Length: 6k
Summary: There's no such thing as a support group for the recently deceased. Fortunately for Commander Shepard, she has a talent for improvisation.

There is no way to say this except to say that I made off like a bandit - between Saturnalia and Yuletide, I was fortunate enough to receive not two but six incredible stories. ♥

One of my Yuletide requests was for a story following f!Shepard as she comes to terms with her resurrection, and this takes that idea and both broadens and deepens it. I know I'm biased (I know!), but this is one of the most striking ME pieces I've read. On one hand you have Shepard struggling to come to terms with her new identity, and one another hand you have the women of the Normandy and how they interact with Shepard (and Tali deserves a special mention, because she is written with utter perfection and I adore her friendship with Shepard), and then on a third hand you have Garrus trying to help Shepard but still being a little unsure and awkward, and clearly I love this story because I need at least three hands to illustrate how excellent it is.

(Also it uses the phrase "my new-found zombiehood," and that is as sterling a recommendation as any!)

Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/140505
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Title: Little Black Dress
Author: Vulthrize
Characters: Shepard/Garrus, Normandy crew
Length: 6600 words
Summary: It is just before Kasumi's loyalty mission, and Shepard is running around the Normandy in a tiny black dress. Ship productivity flatlines as everyone on board, even Garrus, takes notice.

Flirty and fun. It doesn't all have to be galactic-level warfare, right?

Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6108930/1/Little_Black_Dress
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Title: Stelle
Author: littleblackdog
Pairing: Shepard/Garrus, mention of Shepard/Kaiden
Length: 13,000 words
Summary: "The universe changed around me while I slept, and I've fought hard to catch up." Walking into hell? Well, at least she knew who had her back.

There is something so understated and tactile about this fic. Not sure how I managed to overlook a story so well-told; although I rarely venture to FF.net any more, I did comb through the ME section because the fandom is a smallish one. The two extant chapters stand on their own, but the author does mention that there may be more parts to follow.

Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5752356/1/Stelle
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Title: Pretty Bird
Author: anonymous
Pairing: Shepard/Garrus
Length: 7,000 words
Summary: N/A

Best ME fic ever, or most hilarious ME fic ever? PROBABLY BOTH. Shepard wakes up as a turian; Garrus has to show her the ropes. The ending sent me teetering over the edge from laughter and straight into maniacal cackling.

Link: http://masskink.livejournal.com/346.html?thread=1988186#t1988186