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Title: A Summer Day So Late in Coming
Author: helens78
Pairing: Charles/Erik
Length: 3k
Summary: Fifty years after they fell in love, Erik comes to Charles with a proposal that rocks Charles's world.

Probably the most perfect wedding story you will ever read. It is late and I am undelirious and at the end of this I made embarrassing squealing noises and then immediately re-read the entire thing. Everything about this is beautiful. It's also one of the few stories I've read that feels like it believably bridges the gap between First Class and the first movie trilogy.

Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/222434
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Title: Anthem for Doomed Youth
Author: [profile] fahye_fic
Characters: Raven, Charles/Erik
Length: 13k
Summary: N/A

Exquisitely worded character study of Raven and, through her eyes, of Erik and Charles. I've been elbows-deep in the First Class fandom for the past few weeks, and this story struck me not only for its unflinching honesty but also for the way it elaborates on the relationship between Charles and Raven.

Link: http://fahye-fic.livejournal.com/52214.html
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Title: The Mutant Problem
Author: [profile] xenokattz
Characters: Peter Parker, various mutants, background Peter/MJ (movieverse)
Length: Medium (7900+ words plus a heapload of pictures)
Summary: A week after Black Tuesday's telepathic attack on the world, Peter Parker took some pictures for a story on "the mutant problem." Ten years later, he's still taking pictures. The only difference is his definition of "the problem."

This story is essentially a mock-up of a photoessay done for the New York Times by Peter Parker on mutants. The first line of the article reads "You know that television show, Big Bang Theory where all the geeks live in one floor of a college dorm?" (Which is not exactly accurate, but: *FLAILS*) The Peter voice is perfect, and the sweet background Peter/MJ moments are perfect, but even more this story actually makes you think about what life would be like for mutants if they really existed. There are all these ground-level snapshots of human beings and how they reflect on and interact with the larger world, and the photographs are just perfect and everything about this is perfect. I think I feel a little bit in love with Rogue and Wanda, not that I needed any help there, and let me say it again: PERFECT.

Link: http://community.livejournal.com/marvel_crossing/7442.html
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Title: Love Affairs Are Horrible
Author: Dandelion
Characters: Pete Wisdom, Remy LeBeau, implied Remy/Rogue and Pete/Kitty
Length: 2588 words
Summary: Pete Wisdom and Remy LeBeau meet by chance at a bar in Casablanca and commiserate on their failed relationships.

I am recommending this solely on the basis that it has Remy and Pete Wisdom INTERACTING. What more does a story need?

Link: http://tellingstories.net/rogue/fanfic/uxm350/horrible.shtml
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Title: Manumission
Author: Kristen Elizabeth
Characters: Remy/Rogue
Length: 14,121 words
Summary: In the romantic chaos of the French Quarter, Rogue stumbles onto something that could change her relationship with Gambit forever.

A bittersweet story with a happy ending about Rogue and a magic charm that allows her to touch just for one night. Although I think the drama about Rogue's inability to touch is often overdone in fanfic - there are plenty of creative ways around it - I like that the story ends with (finally!) some open communication between Rogue and Gambit. Sex doesn't solve all of their problems, but Remy proves the gentleman we all know he can be. New Orleans serves as the perfect backdrop, too. Sweet and serviceable, but definitely a refreshing change from the Remy/Rogue norm.

Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1389610/1/Manumission
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Title: Queen of Diamonds
Author: Ludi
Characters: Remy/Rogue
Length: 40k+
Summary: Still recovering from Vargas' wounds, Rogue and Remy become embroiled in a string of gruesome small-town murders; but they still have their own relationship to sort out. RoGambit with a (complex) noir twist.

Lush writing without ever developing into purple prose, and perhaps a bit more bittersweet than my usual fare. I'm a complete nut for anything set during X-Treme X-Men, and this story deals with the ramifications of Rogue pulling Remy back from death as well as anything I've read yet. The symbolism of the cards, both tarot and modern, adds a fascinating aspect to the murder mystery, and it's always good to see Remy and Rogue finally bite the bullet and deal with some of their issues.

Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1663592/1/Queen_of_Diamonds
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Title: Blind Sight
Author: Valerie Jones
Pairing: Remy/Rogue (616 comics)
Length: 320k+ (WIP)
Summary: When Operation: Zero Tolerance turns into a full-fledged mutant hunt, Remy must use all of his resources to keep the X-Men safe while they search for a way to bring Bastion down.

I've started to write the review for this story three times now, and every time I've both completely failed to do the story justice and descended into incoherent and wildly enthusiastic raving by the third or fourth sentence. If I had to pick my single favorite fanfic from any fandom, I'd name "Blind Sight" without a moment of hesitation, so at least I have justification for the difficulty.

(It's worth noting that this is the sequel to Thick as Thieves [written by Valerie and Lori McDonald], which is itself a sequel to Lori's Looking at a Woman. I'd recommend reading both before you start this behemoth; they're rec-worthy stories in their own right and crucial to understanding the background for "Blind Sight.")

So! Actual review time: THIS STORY IS FREAKING AWESOME. (Made it to the third paragraph - new record!) There is not a single thing I do not love about it. Gambit is just - he's GAMBIT, to the very best and fullest extent suggested by the comics. There's one right-between-the-eyes revelation scene after another; I love the sleight of hand Remy uses to misdirect the X-Men, the way he tries to break the world of the Thieves' Guilds to Rogue slowly and how she gets sucked in despite his best efforts anyway. Scott, normally a character much maligned - or at least overlooked - in Remy/Rogue fic, shines, and most of the core X-cast have their moments in the spotlight.

Probably my favorite aspect is the friendship between Remy and Bobby, carried over from "Thick as Thieves." The dynamic may seem like an odd one, but the two play off each other perfectly - but neither does the friendship between Remy and Ororo slip by unnoticed. The Remy/Rogue relationship is everything you could ask for from a story and more. Rogue, like her partner, is fully realized as a character. There are even some fantastic scenes with Mystique, and I'm nothing if not a sucker for the Rogue-Mystique relationship.

Unlike most stories that drag on for fifty or more chapters, my attention did not and has not wandered once. The plotting is - dare I say it - masterful, and there's a great deal of depth to the world of the New York Guild. Epic, romantic, funny, intriguing, action-packed - no, seriously, just go read the thing before I descend back into gibbering. (Especially chapter nineteen. That's gotta be my favorite.)

Link: http://www.gambitguild.com/library/valerie_jones/blind_sight.html