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Title: Heart over Mind
Author: Regann
Characters: Hermione/Snape
Length: 186k
Summary: Something odd about Hermione causes her to have unexpected reaction to a love potion. Only it's one which no one expected. How could a lack of reaction cause so much trouble? AU to Books 5 and 6.

So this is a story you will enjoy only if you are a very specific type of person, and that type is limited to readers who like Snape/Hermione and don't mind stories that bear little relation to canon. That said, this was an absolutely lovely indulgence that I devoured over the course of a weekend. In the best tradition of the genre, it emphasizes intellectual compatibility and includes a lengthy correspondence between Hermione and her former teacher, thoughtful exploration of magical traditions from other cultures, plenty of emphasis on Hermione's goals and character, and a fanon Snape that fortunately stays on the tolerable side of the absurd. It's an old-school het epic in its natural habitat, and you can't beat that for a good time.

Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/1215092/1/Heart-over-Mind
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Title: Triumph of the Last Marauder
Author: [personal profile] mousapelli
Character: Harry
Length: 4k
Summary: N/A

I'm always hard-pressed to articulate what exactly I love so much about this story. I do love it - it's one of my very favorite HP fics - and the whole thing slots into canon and yet expands on it so perfectly. There's a fantastic sense of continuity with the past as Harry spends one summer rebuilding a Triumph motorcycle, and a real sense of depth to Harry's relationship with Remus, but the real triumph (ahaha) is Harry's characterization - stressed and grieving and still very clearly a teenage boy.

Link: http://mousapelli.livejournal.com/16412.html
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Title: A Life So Very Much Less Than Ordinary
Author: [personal profile] snegurochka_lee
Pairing: Harry/Luna (with background Teddy/James and Ginny/Scorpius, Albus II, Lily II)
Length: 33k
Summary: When his wife leaves him for a man half her age, Harry has trouble getting back on the horse. His children, bless them, don't make it much easier.

It was such a treat to stumble across this story on my subscription page! Harry/Luna is a rare thing, and good Harry/Luna even rarer; this is the very best.

The story is epilogue (although not Word of God) compliant, and takes place after Harry discovers about Ginny's continuing affair with Scorpius Malfoy. There is no character bashing in this, though, and I actually found myself softening to Scorpius and Ginny along with Harry. The next generation is beautifully characterized; there's a wonderful subplot about Teddy and James and Harry figuring out how to deal with a gay son in a committed relationship. Malfoy the elder's notes made me laugh out loud, too.

It's Luna who really steals the show, though. She's such a fully realized character, still recognizably herself - and not in the overdone way that often tips her characterization into obnoxious - but more mature, clearly a self-assured woman. I absolutely adore that the author used Thestrals as a point of connection between Harry and Luna, because it so very much is in the canon. Funny, moving, hot, and only too short.

Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/31644