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Title: If This One Could Be With You
Author: [personal profile] lindentree
Pairing: Tim/Julie
Length: 32k+
Summary: After 2x11, "Jumping the Gun", Julie's parents come up with an appropriate punishment for her - tutoring Tim Riggins.

I stumbled into this fandom half by accident and half because of Tim Riggins (unhealthy Gambit love > the Wolverine movie > I would do Taylor Kitsch up against a wall this INSTANT), and somewhere along the way totally fell in love with all the characters, but let's face it, I really am shallow enough that 89% of my FNL joy is because of Tim. Tim/Julie was a wholly accidental find, because here I was looking for Timfic and hey, Tim/Julie, I'll try that, and before I know it I've been sucked into supporting yet one more uncanon pairing. Boo!


At first I was sort of skeptical of this story, because the summary makes it sound sort of like another sappy badfic floating around the Pit, but the writing is just so solid. Tim is Tim's worst enemy, and I think that lindentree really nails that, but she also makes Julie's encouragement seem like a plausible reason for Tim's improvement, and frankly the relationship between the two of them is just so oddly sweet that I can't get enough.

Link: http://lindentree.livejournal.com/tag/series:+if+this+one+could+be+with+you