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Title: Simply Perfectest
Author: [livejournal.com profile] moodfic
Characters: Wash/Zoe
Summary: My love, though silly, is more brave.

I don't usually go looking for Firefly fic, but this story found me, wrapped its metaphorical arms around my virtual body, and cradled me to its breastbone as it sang soft lullabies in my ear. Which is to say, this is my Zoe/Wash headcanon.

Link: http://moodfic.livejournal.com/69709.html
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Title: Ice in Crystal
Author: [profile] juliefortune
Characters: Ensemble, with Mal/Inara and Wash/Zoe
Length: 14k
Warnings: Non-con, violence
Summary: N/A

This story riffs on an unwritten episode plot hinted at by Tim Minear: What if Inara had been captured and raped by Reavers? While the story doesn't have what I'd call graphic portrayed violence, it is nonetheless as deeply unsettling as you'd expect. The character studies are brilliant, though - the dynamic between Zoe and Inara in particular.

Link: http://juliefortune.livejournal.com/43425.html
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Title: Genetic Drift
Author: [personal profile] ishie
Characters: Jayne, Kaylee, Simon, River, Sheldon/Penny
Length: 1400 words
Summary: N/A

You know how sometimes an author writes a story and your brain instantly recognizes that story, even though you never could have invented anything half as spectacular yourself? For my brain, this is that story. Flailing at the concept aside, Ishie has an ear for Firefly; if the show has a voice, she captures it brilliantly.

Link: http://community.livejournal.com/ishieland/29686.html
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Title: Knot for Our Heart
Author: [profile] tesla321
Pairing: Mal/River
Length: 25k+
Summary: N/A

Set after the BDM, "Knot for Our Heart" is one of my very favorite stories in any fandom. There's not any overall plot, just a series of scenes that follow Mal and River from the beginning of their relationship. I think this fic, even more than the BDM, is what made me love Mal/River so much; their relationship is so comfortable and low-key that even the rest of the crew don't notice what's going on. River is more than a match for Mal and fully in control of her own facilities, too, so there are none of the squicky power implications that often pop up with the pairing.

Link: http://tesla321.livejournal.com/?tag=knot+for+our+heart