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Title: Liquid Courage
Author: littleblackdog
Characters: Varric/F!Hawke
Length: 12,689 words
Summary: Now he was being pawed at by a very drunk, very handsy, very heavy mage. Not that he'd ever call Hawke heavy to her face, or anywhere she might hear him, or out loud ever. It was... an unconventional sort of courtship.

This story should come with a warning, and that warning should be that it is guaranteed to make you regret that Varric wasn't included as a LI in-game. It was, iirc, originally written for the Dragon Age Kink Meme (a treasure amongst kink memes), and it manages to be sexy and also adorable, as in kitten levels of adorable. I always love it when a story plays up Varric's skill and passion for storytelling, and the fourth part does satisfy - it's one of those stories that just keeps climbing until the end note is the highest. (Did that make sense? I don't think that made sense, but the story is lovely).

Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6938175/1/Liquid_Courage
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Title: Happily Ever After With Goats
Author: estuesday
Characters: Hawke/Varric, ensemble
Length: 6,068 words
Summary: The tale Varric told the Seekers wasn't the end of their story. From Orlais to Antiva, the high seas to an isolated farm, Hawke has a long way left to go. One can only hope the goats survive her passage. Hawke/Varric, past Hawke/Anders and Hawke/Fenris.

This is an excellent continuation of the game that includes a nod to the canonical romances while still managing to work Varric into the picture, for which I say: sweet Jesus thank you.

Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6831236/1/Happily_Ever_After_With_Goats
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Title: What We Become
Author: Crisium
Characters: Amell/Cullen
Length: 145k
Summary: Cullen/Amell, post-game.

This is actually a story in a much longer series (What We Become, 293,000 words and counting), and my reaction is probably best summarized by reprinting a remark I made to computer somewhere around chapter six: "Alistair, you need to leave now so I can stop pining and enjoy this lovely other romance that does not involve you."

Excellent worldbuilding without any tedious information dumps, and even the supporting cast is rounded and dynamic; most importantly, the Warden reads like a game character rather than the author's self-insert. The Templar/Mage romance is written so that it hits all the right tropes (pining, forbidden relationships) without ever descending into melodrama. Also: Alistair.

Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/35260/chapters/46527