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Title: The Ringmaster in a Blue Tux, and the Girl with Really Strong Toes
Author: [profile] humansrsuperior
Characters: Ten/Rose, Jack, Donna, ensemble
Length: 11,237 words
Summary: The day Rose Tyler joined the traveling circus with the big blue tent, she was first greeted by an elephant.

There's a sad lack of alternate universe (or "alternate reality," which I think is more accurate) fic in the Doctor/Rose world; I can understand why, but that lack makes stumbling across a piece like this all the more delightful. The two words that come to mind are "whimsical" and "charming" - there's very much a fairy-tale feel to the story - but at the same time the characters are so recognizably themselves that there's not the sense of distance, of disengagement, that one usually feels in fairy-tales.

Link: http://humansrsuperior.livejournal.com/127573.html
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Title: Eventually, You'll Know I Love You
Author: [profile] humansrsuperior
Characters: Ten/Rose, Ten II/Rose, Jack, Mickey, Pete, Jackie, Jake
Length: 40,000+ words
Summary: Disaster hits Torchwood in Pete's World, and at the same, familiar faces have been pulled through from another universe.

My feelings on Ten II tend to range wildly from total denial to complete embrasure, but for the most part I prefer to read happy!Ten stories and avoid the possible angst all together. This story? I knew that this story was going to hurt, and I read it anyway, because it is just that good. (Never fear, though, it meets the happy ending criterion!) I mean, this story ripped my heart out and fed it back to me and I enjoyed the eating of it, that is how much I loved this. I'm always interested in post-JE fic that tries to sort out the Ten/Ten II dilemma, and this is brilliantly executed, giving both Doctors their due. Also, it has Jackie and the Doctor interacting, which is pretty much the only impetus I need to read a story.

Link: http://humansrsuperior.livejournal.com/120438.html (scroll down)
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Title: A Change is as Good as a Rest
Author: Netgirl_y2k
Characters: Donna/Rose
Length: 2,918 words
Summary: Now Rose had a half Time Lord - half human lounging on her sofa watching the X-Factor, and the heart of a TARDIS growing in an empty jam jar in her kitchen.

Since EoT, I've discovered not one but two pairings that can lure me out of my Doctor/Rose enclave, if infrequently - Doctor/Master (oh the lovely crack), and Donna/Rose. I don't even have an explanation for the latter; Rose seems like she'd actually get along better with Martha, but there's some sort of multiplication of awesome effect going on with the alternative D/R, so let's all just roll with it, shall we?

There is a sad dearth of Donna/Rose fic, but the one good story I've managed to uncover is very, very good indeed. This story has full-on Time-Ladied Donna as I've never seen her before, interacting with a mature, slightly weary Rose. Nor does it shy away from dealing with the repercussions of the metacrisis - so, yep, warning for a bit of post-JE angst, although I think I prefer this ending for Donna to the one given her in canon.

Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/15495
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Title: One Continuous Singular Incident in the Life of Faith Lehane
Author: [personal profile] ariafic
Characters: Ten, Faith (gen)
Length: 4,154 words
Summary: Faith could do with a vacation. The Doctor provides.

Stories like this are part of the reason I love fandom so much. I initially followed a link simply because of the novelty of two of my favorite characters! interacting!, and discovering such a solidly-written Faith was an unexpected delight. This fic, though, is so much more than just a gimmick; Faith and the Doctor find something in one another that they've both been desperately needing, and their personalities click in a way I wasn't at all expecting.

Fits in Who canon after S4 and Buffy canon after S7. Vampires existing in the Whoniverse makes perfect sense, am I right?

Link: http://ariafic.livejournal.com/10787.html
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Title: Much Ado About Mating
Author: [profile] miss_prufrock
Characters: Ten/Rose, Donna
Length: 1,412 words
Summary: Donna vents about her travelling companion in a coffee shop to a familiar stranger. Reunion fic of the cracky persuasion.

This is possibly my very favorite reunionfic, which says an awful lot since about half of the fic I read is Doctor Who and a solid three-fifths of that is reunionfic. The crack is just so deliciously fulfilling, and [profile] miss_prufrock writes one of the best Donna voices in the game. I also have to say that the image of the Doctor bouncing off of a window in his haste to get to Rose is priceless, in the sort of way that means I'm laughing now just remembering it.

Link: http://community.livejournal.com/time_and_chips/4976666.html