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Title: Welcome To My Planet
Author: [profile] imkalena
Characters: Chuck/Sarah/Casey
Length: 18k
Summary: After Chuck Vs. The Suburbs, Chuck is forced to live under full-time watch. His relationship with Sarah was already strained – now it's minced and shredded.

I...am not entirely certain how I stumbled into reading Chuck/Sarah/Casey fic, except that I love Chuck/Sarah and didn't want Casey to be left out. (It might come down to the fact that I'll read anything about Casey, to be perfectly honest.) At any rate, this is a lovely, melancholic, and hot OT3 fic. The tone is different from the series, but not in a way that's at all jarring; I think it's a reasonable extrapolation, and the characterization is very, very good. Also: HOT. (Read: explicit.)

Link: http://imkalena.livejournal.com/122415.html
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Title: When He Catches His Reflection on Accident
Author: mardia
Characters: Chuck, Ellie
Length: 4324 words
Summary: The day after Ellie finds out the truth about Chuck. "It's just—she saw me carrying a gun, Sarah. I've never…the most dangerous thing she's seen me wield before is the carving knife I used on the turkey that one Thanksgiving dinner." General spoilers up through the S2 finale.

This story has really been making the rounds in the Chuck community, and it is so, so easy to see why. The writing is absolutely stellar, but more importantly, it gives us something I think we've all been wanting (or at least that I've been wanting!): Chuck's reveal to Ellie, and her reaction in the aftermath.

There's a line a couple of paragraphs in that really grabbed me -
After about twenty minutes of brooding—he hopes it's manly brooding, although he has a sneaking suspicion that it looks more like he's moping...

And everything after is just as perfect, hitting a lovely balance between Chuck's new life as a super-spy and Chuck as he really is, a sweet, slightly goofy guy who genuinely loves his sister. There's a bit of an abrupt POV switch from Chuck to Ellie, but Ellie's section is where this story really shines; her initial coldness to Sarah, the comfort she takes from Casey (of all people), and the bargain she makes with Beckman are just so wonderfully Ellie that I want to scoop her up and give her a hug.

Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/31448