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Title: Purgatory's Shadow
Author: NovaMist
Characters: Elfangor/Loren, Esplin 9466, Alloran
Length: 1,938 words
Summary: Elfangor and Esplin, two rivals locked in a cycle of hatred and death. But is there more to it?

Oh my God. I didn't even know that I needed this story until I read it. This is far and away my top Yuletide '09 pick so far. The Andalite Chronicles has always been my favorite of the Animorphs books - I still cannot read it without crying at the end - and this is such a brilliant expansion. Just - there is so much emotion and so many clever ideas packed so tightly that it reads like a much longer fic.

The way the Andalites and Elfangor in particular are written slammed me out of nowhere, but everything fits - of course Elfangor's body language would be different after living on Earth for so long, and of course the Andalites would use the morphing technology for medical purposes, and of course there would be the rare female prince (or homosexual Andalite couples). Good God, though, it's the relationships in this that really stun me with their nuance - Alloran and Esplin, Elfangor and his mother. Without a doubt, this is a story I'll be rereading many, many times.

Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/34895
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Title: What More
Author: daymarket
Characters: Marco, Rachel (gen)
Length: 1,247 words
Summary: Marco has a question. Rachel has an answer.

I'm not going to lie, I got completely distracted by the Animorphs section on AO3 and it was such a pleasant surprise to stumble across this gem. It isn't terribly long, but the banter between Rachel and Marco is laugh-out-loud funny, and I got warm fuzzies from thinking about Marco and his parents. I've always had a yen for fic about the time period when the Animorphs and their families were living in the Hork-Bajir Valley; this hits that spot without being too over-the-top in any direction but awesome.

Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/32349
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Title: War, Family, and the Lost Art of Conversation
Author: [personal profile] nightwalker
Characters: Jake/Marco, Rachel/Tobias
Length: 2,532 words
Summary: Family Dinner Night at Rachel's. Marco stresses, Jake stresses, Rachel runs roughshod over the masses and Tobias tries to assassinate a bottle of Coke.

I have really weirdly specific requirements for an Animorphs story to make my "highly reccable" list, and I completely blame it on this story. For years and years I didn't go looking for Animorphs fic, partly because I was so hung up on the series - seriously, I started reading Animorphs when #2 came out because the cat on the cover caught my eye, and for eight years straight there was nothing in life I revered more than Animorphs, and let me tell you something: nine-year-old-me was a canon Nazi.

Anyway. This story. The thing is, I tend to get really impatient with Cassie; I don't dislike her, she's just not a relatable to me as Jake or Marco or even Tobias. Somehow along the way I slipped into shipping Jake/Marco, which dovetails nicely with Rachel/Tobias (CAN YOU SAY OTP), and augh this story is perfect post-war Rachel-survives fic with Marco and Tobias bonding. I didn't even know I needed Marco + Tobias bonding until I read this story, but I really, really do, and just. Guh.

(That rambled even more than usual. Take it as a sign of how much I adore this story, please?)

Link: http://community.livejournal.com/animorphsfanfic/22540.html