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fma • allegiance

Title: Allegiance
Authors: Bookwrm389
Characters: Team Mustang (with Roy/Riza)
Length: 94k
Summary: When the Eastern Rebellion came to an end, one man looked on his comrades with the eyes of a king. One by one, we became his soldiers and he became our leader. We are Colonel Roy Mustang's most loyal subordinates, and these are our stories.

Really fantastic story that takes the time to examine each of Roy's subordinates in context of their relationship with him. The writing could use a little polishing in places, but overall that's a minor flaw in the face of how encompassing and thoughtful each chapter is. I love how Roy's layers are peeled back gradually, but while he is the center of the piece, the rest of the characters are given just as much room to speak and grow. I found myself particularly enjoying Breda and his interactions with Havoc.

Riza's chapter is pretty heavy on the Royai, as is the epilogue, but the other parts are more subtle on the shippy moments. Should be enjoyable for anyone who prefers gen, too.

Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6500231/1/Allegiance

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