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fma • selfish favors

Title: Selfish Favors
Author: Turdle
Characters: Riza/Roy, ensemble
Length: 27k (WIP)
Summary: Roy Mustang was fairly certain that Riza Hawkeye had no intentions of retiring just to settle down, and for that he loved her. However, when it appears that he’ll have to run for Office after Grumman's retirement, Roy proposes she become something more to him - a First Lady and a political partner. After all, every powerful man has an even more powerful woman standing behind him.

If I try to talk too much about this story I'll end up writing a six thousand word essay on all the reasons I boarded the USS Hawkeye/Mustang (hint: there are a lot of them), but suffice to say that this fic has an excellent plot, excellent characterization, and was written specifically to combat the rash of stories where Riza resigns from the military to become the Fuhrer's wife.

While I suspect it's been abandoned (the last update was in 2011), it was originally written as a oneshot and stands pretty well on its own.

Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/281805

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