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mass effect • earthfall

Title: Earthfall
Author: Anonymous
Characters: Shepard/Garrus, Chakwas
Summary: "Now you wait just a goddam minute, you're French?"

I am so behind on updating, particularly since I've been binging on Mass Effect and BBC Sherlock fic like I haven't in months. Because I'm too busy reading Sherlock fic to actually write up a recommendation, here's a short, quiet story from the kink meme about the Normandy making a brief stop on Earth. Despite the prompt, it's not particularly humorous and has little to do with Shepard being French; what it does have is a well-defined Shepard voice, a shift as Garrus and Shepard continue to find their way from friendship to something more, and The Adventures of Chakwas and Garrus (which I would read forever and ever, amen and lol).

Link: http://masseffectkink.livejournal.com/585.html?thread=154953#t154953

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